Location Scoing for “Visiting”

Location Scoing for “Visiting”

We went around looking for the shooting chair Steven’s “The Visiting” and we found some very cool places.

The film tells of three men (some of Emerson Andrus, Don Mäeorg Kristjan and Willow), who go to theshaman to look for a unique experience. Their surprise, they can choose their own experience, enteringthrough the portal to another reality. At the same time, the two decide to go ”Joyride” License, is a much different experience with the extraordinary vision of the past …

Is recognized as a young camera operator Maxim Golomidov guru, the sound engineer Jevgeny Berezovskyand Irina Riismaa kunstnikutöö be ”authored”. Film director Steven is the author’s chair, executive producerPeter Nieler.

Running time approximately 30 minutes and scheduled for completion by the 5th August, the producer of theproject’s biggest challenge so far: from the pre-and ending with Final Cut Productions is a film, each with only a month.

“Visiting” is taken up in the Silicon Imaging 2K Mini camera RAW 2K (the same camera that filmed the award-winning Slumdog Millionaire), which can also save hämaramates lisavalguseta without spaces.CUBE is a staff editor Mattias Naan, color correction, and the Digital Sputnik.

Film distribution is still open, but in different festivals in osalemisavaldus be ready as soon as the film.